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#BlackInMentalHealthWeek 2021 Kickoff Storytelling Show With The Story Collider

On Sunday September 19, 2021 we kicked off our second annual #BlackInMentalHealthWeek with a live streamed storytelling show on Black mental health in collaboration with The Story Collider. The show was hosted by The Story Collider’s Paula Croxson and Black In Mental Health Co-Founder Mani-Jade Garcia. Stories were produced by Paula Croxson and Gastor Almonte.

The storyteller lineup, in order, was:

  • Roque (Pronounced: ROW-Keh) Rodriquez (he/him), the son of Dominican-American immigrants; and a 500-hour trained Yoga teacher and proud co-founder of Suryaside Yoga in Queens, NY.

  • Mani-Jade Garcia, or MJ (they/them) a Black-Indigenous-Latinx two-spirit abolitionist, science communicator, artist, certified holistic yoga teacher and co-founder of Black In Mental Health.

  • Dr. Camille Adams Jones (she/her), a recognized private practice psychotherapist in the Washington, DC metropolitan area; author; and organizational behavior scientist.

  • Brianna A. Baker (she/her/hers) is a second-year doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program at Columbia University.

We were blown away by the power of the stories! Thanks to the generosity of The Story Collider and photographer Zhen QIN we are excited to share this beautiful gallery of photos with you below.

And if you missed the show we have a recording of the live stream event thanks to the generosity of The Story Collider and the Caveat, where we held our event.

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